SELECTED PODCASTS Audio Interviews with Matthew Rolston.

PHOTOGRAPHER MATTHEW ROLSTON APPEARS ON A SAMPLING OF PODCASTS to discuss his career, his retrospective book and exhibition Hollywood Royale, the influence of Andy Warhol on the 1980s revival of Hollywood glamour and its impacts on celebrity culture, as well as ideas about fame, gender display, beauty, humanity, and what he refers to as the "glamour industrial complex."

KICKING OFF THE THIRD SEASON OF ART CENTER’S CHANGE LAB PODCAST, Matthew Rolston sits for an interview at his alma mater, ArtCenter College of Design, with its president Dr. Lorne Buchman, to discuss Rolston’s creative influences, his aesthetic of the unity of opposites, his ambivalence about the fashion industry's unrealistic standards of wealth and beauty and his fortuitous meeting, thanks to ArtCenter, with his childhood hero, the photographer Richard Avedon.

CELEBRITIES FROM OPRAH WINFREY TO PRINCE AND BEYONCE have all appeared in front of Matthew Rolston’s lens. His glamorous photographs have appeared on the covers of Andy Warhol's Interview, Rolling Stone, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and many more. Through the use of his signature lighting, Rolston has become an icon of Hollywood photography. Monocle Radio's New York bureau chief Ed Stocker met with Rolston to discuss Rolston's retrospective book and exhibition Hollywood Royale and to reflect on his extensive career.

A PODCAST ABOUT MUSIC VIDEOS AND THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE THEM. On this episode, host Daniel Ralston (no relation) talks to special guest Matthew Rolston about his groundbreaking work as a director of music videos for artists like Madonna, Beyoncé Knowles, Seal, and Morrissey, the creative process between an artist and the director, and the influence of music videos on our culture.

MATTHEW ROLSTON JOINED KCRW'S FRANCES ANDERTON on her well-regarded podcast, DnA, to discuss the demise of Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine, its impacts on modern society, and Rolston's history working for the magazine. Rolston tells Anderton about the “classic break” at Interview that launched his career back in 1977; about his first visit to the Interview offices in 1981 (where he witnessed Andy taking a lunch meeting with Nancy Reagan and the band Duran Duran), and about what made the magazine such a marker of cultural currency.

KCRW'S ART TALK, HOSTED BY HUNTER DROHOJOWSKA-PHILP, presents a thought-provoking overview of Matthew Rolston's retrospective exhibition and book, Hollywood Royale: Out of the School of Los Angeles. Drohojowska-Philp is a cultural critic based in Los Angeles who covers the intersections of art and commerce. Here, she discusses the influences on Rolston’s Hollywood image-making – from the MGM portrait gallery photographer George Hurrell, to Paramount’s 1930s auteur Josef von Sternberg, and on to contemporary artists such as Andy Warhol.